Louis Geisler

Name: Louis Geisler

Job Title: Terminal Manager

Terminal: Benicia, CA

Military Service: United States Army

Highest Rank: Sergeant E-5

MOS: Calvary Scout

With Reddaway Since: 2013

Meet Veteran Employee, Louis Geisler

Name: Louis Geisler

Job Title: Terminal Manager

Terminal: Benicia, CA

Military Service: United States Army

Highest Rank: Sergeant E-5

MOS: Calvary Scout

With Reddaway Since: 2013

More about Louis...

Louis Geisler is our Benicia, CA Terminal Manager. He started at Reddaway in the spring of 2013 as one of our  Sacramento City Drivers.

The June 2015 issue of G.I. Jobs did a spotlight on him. He was a Sergeant in the Army, working as a Calvary Scout in recognizance. Black Hawk helicopters flew his team in ahead of the main force to scout enemy lines on foot and act as the “eyes and ears” of the battlefield ahead of the front line. He learned to be smart, fast and pay attention.

Transitioning Out of the Military

When he got out of the Army in 2011, he was living in Chicago working as a concrete cutter. Rough job. Even rougher economy.

Then he worked as a firefighter for the National Parks until the funding got cut. Job hunting was really hard.

His best tip for transitioning into civilian life: “Find a trade or occupation that is in demand. It is also important for veterans to look out for each other. Work hard knowing that others are going to get out soon and you can help them. Build a good name for yourself. Shed a good light so you can give a chance to others. Help one another. When you meet another veteran or if you work with one, help them out. ”

On the Reddaway Team 

Louis was looking for work when he found out how much it was possible to earn as a truck driver and how much the job fit him.

He went to truck driving school, got his CDL, got hired by one of our competitors for a short time, then got hired by Reddaway where he has remained.

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Driving suited him, “I’m on my own. I don’t have a boss watching over me. I’m my own boss.”

When he first came to Reddaway, although Reddaway is a big company and part of an even bigger parent company, it always felt like a more local company to him.

Back then, his Terminal Manager always felt like the owner of the company, and he appreciated that feeling. He enjoyed working with the people there and getting to know them. He liked learning, improving and the feel of working toward his team’s success.

He was told IF he could try to keep up with his Sacramento mentor, he’d be doing really good.

He worked hard to keep up with his mentor and then to be even better.

After that, he got promoted to Operations Supervisor in Sacramento, and then to Terminal Manager at our Benicia facility.

Louis says, “One of the best things about working at Reddaway is that there is a strong sense of ownership–you feel like it’s your truck, your route, your customers–that’s ownership. You care. It’s the caring that makes your team work together to have things be nice and well-kept. We all want our things to be nice.”

Philosophy to Life

Each morning Louis finds himself thinking how to make things better…what he has to do that day…what is needed for smooth daily operations at the terminal and how he can work to make things even better.

He thinks about how he can improve service for our customers so they stay with Reddaway.

And always, he works to make things better.

Like when he was a Calvary Scout in recognizance–he continuously works to be the “eyes and ears” of the team–trying to improve things, keeping his terminal ahead of the opponents, and providing the best customer service.

Family Time

For Louis, family time is very important. He and his wife have four children from age six to age seventeen. He and his family are involved in their local parish. He enjoys spending time with his wife and children riding road bikes.

As a father, he teaches his children the importance of serving our country and helping others. His oldest son is enlisting in the U.S. Coast Guard.

He also teaches them to live frugally and to save as much as possible for the future–always working to improve on things for the future.

Thank you for your service and your hard work, Louis!

veteran truck driver

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