Tracy Dewees

Name: Tracy Dewees

Job Title: Line Haul Driver

Terminal: Downey, CA

With Reddaway Since: 1990

Favorite Hobby: Tinkering with classic cars

Awards: 1st Place in 2013 Regional Truck Driving Competition


TITLE: Line Haul Driver



FAVORITE HOBBY: Tinkering with classic cars

AWARDS: 1st Place in 2013 Regional Truck Driving Competition

More about Tracy...

Tracy Dewees doesn’t work in a dead end job. Dewees is a professional truck driver for Reddaway, a national leader in the transportation industry.

National Truck Driving Championships

Dewees logged more than 2 million miles without a preventable accident. As if that were not enough, Dewees set out to compete in state and national truck driving competitions…

These competitions sharpen a driver’s safety skills, according to Dave Yonemoto, director of safety for Reddaway.

“Employees like Tracy Dewees who led through safety are the reason Reddaway leads the industry in next-day transit, damage-free deliveries, and on-time performance. The safer we are, the better transportation services we provide,” says Yonemoto.


Tracy loves spending time with his wife who has a love for classic cars just like Tracy. She drives a 1967 Chevy Camaro as her everyday car. “She was the girl next door. We met in grade school”, says Tracy of his wife. The happy couple has been married for 33 years.


Dewees, based in Los Angeles, has worked without a driving accident or workplace injury since joining Reddaway in 1990. With National Truck Driving Competitions under his seat belt, Dewees is instructing and mentoring younger drivers. He is a certified Long Commercial Vehicle trainer for Reddaway.

Dewees’ professional journey has garnered corporate respect from his supervisors and the younger drivers he trains.

Tracy’s love of driving truck and being a safe driver has rubbed off on his son who joined the Reddaway team 6 months ago at the Orange terminal. Like father, like son!


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