Sherwood Anderson

Name: Sherwood Anderson

Job Title: Linehaul Driver

Terminal: Fontana, CA

With Reddaway Since: 1978

Favorite Hobby: Fishing

Awards: 2 Million Mile Safety Award


TITLE: Linehaul Driver




AWARDS: 2 Million Mile Safety Award

More about Sherwood...

For nearly 40 years, Sherwood Anderson has been the quintessential example of a driver who knows how to stay safe on the road… So safe that he’s been recognized with a 2 Million Mile Safety Award!

So how has he has his driving record stayed so clean despite driving countless journeys every week for the last 4 decades? His secret is simple, but it’s often overlooked by new and veteran drivers alike.

Secret to Safe Driving

Sherwood’s uncomplicated secret for his incredibly safe driving history is to pay attention to his body. We all know what fatigue feels like, but for Sherwood, it’s a signal. He says that it’s a bad idea to keep pushing your body beyond your means.

We all have those signals that tell us we are losing steam, and instead of ignoring the signs, he rolls down the window for a few minutes of fresh air, or pulls over and takes a stretch. Even just a few moments of a good stretching routine can get the blood flowing again and makes a huge difference on the long night trips.

Interesting Things to Discover on the Road

Anyone who’s been driving since 1978 is likely to have a good story or two. For Sherwood, one of the most interesting parts of his job is to not only to appreciate the differences in the countryside as he travels, but it’s also true of the people he sees on the journey. He explains that as he travels from one state to another, he notices some pretty drastic differences in culture and personality of the local folks.

As he travels, he also takes in the beauty of the US. From a breathtaking desert sunset to flowering plains, rivers, lakes, and streams, it’s all beautiful. However, Sherwood’s favorite landscapes are the expansive snow-covered mountains.

There truly are so many things to take notice of on the road if you love exploring the world and the fascinating people in it.

Cheering from the Sidelines

On his time off, Sherwood soaks in as much time as he can with his wife of 20 years. Together, they’ve raised 6 kids and have been blessed with 11 grandkids. Sherwood and his wife love being able to sneak away and catch a game or two as they cheer on their grandkids from the sidelines.

From everyone here at Reddaway, we thank you for your countless hours of dedication to your job and we value your contribution to our team. Congratulations on earning the 2 Million Mile Award Safety Award, Sherwood. Keep up the great work!

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