Scott Nicholson

Name: Scott Nicholson

Job Title: Linehaul Driver

Terminal: Boise, ID

With Reddaway Since: 1996

Favorite Hobby: Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Awards: 1 Million Mile Safety Award


TITLE: Linehaul Driver



FAVORITE HOBBY: Cowboy Mounted Shooting

AWARDS: 1 Million Mile Safety Award

More about Scott...

Scott Nicholson has been a part of the Reddaway team since 1996, but he’s been riding in a rig since he was old enough to peer over the window. Scott’s father was an owner and operator of his own truck for years, so naturally he was a huge inspiration to Scott. After a childhood spent riding along in his father’s truck, Scott developed a passion for the open road just like dad.

Reddaway Linehaul Driver Scott Nicholson

When he was old enough to get a job at 15, he worked for a local mom and pop company and he learned a little more responsibility, driving skill, and what it was like to get a paycheck. When he wasn’t working or in school, Scott loved to spend time with horses and wouldn’t miss playing on his high school’s football team in the fall. As he got older, he knew that the trucking industry was a great place to stay and grow his own career.

Here at Reddaway, we think that was a great choice—Scott has recently walked away with the 1 Million Mile Safety Award. He’s a talented, professional driver who is serious about keeping safe on the road.

What it Takes to Get the 1 Million Mile Safety Award

How does Scott stay so safe during all those long night drives? He insists that making and sticking to a regular sleep schedule is the key. He explains that taking time to snooze isn’t an option—drivers simply have to get their rest.

Since many drivers work through the night, the initial transition may be challenging, but keeping a regular sleep schedule will help ease the transition and make all the difference on the road.

A Sport with Guns, Balloons, and Horses? Yes, Please!

Reddaway Linehaul Driver Scott NicholsonLife can’t be all work and no play, and for Scott, play means horses, balloons, and a shooting competition that combines it all together for an unbeatable good time. It’s called “cowboy mounted shooting”, and if you’ve never seen it, it’s quite a sight!

Even losing is fun—Scott won the “Toilet Seat” for the worst horse wreck, and even then he had a blast. He’s won more than a few championship buckles over the past 13 years he’s played, too!

Scott, you’re one in a million, and we congratulate you for winning the One Million Mile Safety Award. Here’s to a million more!

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