Raul Caraveo

Name: Raul Caraveo

Job Title: Linehaul Driver

Terminal: Fontana, CA

With Reddaway Since: 1992

Favorite Hobby: Bike Riding

Awards: 2 Million Mile Safety Award


TITLE: Linehaul Driver




AWARDS: 2 Million Mile Safety Award

More about Raul...

It All Started with a Jacob’s Engine Brake

Raul Caraveo loves the sights and sounds of the road, and he discovered this passion at one of his early jobs working at a warehouse of all places. Just like any other day, he was taking care of his daily workload, but on this particular day he went outside to load trailers and heard the sound of a bus using its Jake brake. He became fascinated with these brakes and he wanted to learn more about them.

After researching more about the unique Jacob’s Engine Brake used on large vehicles likes buses and big rigs, Raul decided he wanted to be behind the wheel of a large truck so he could hear that “Jake brake” every day as he enjoyed the open road.

For the past 44 years he has done just that!

Early on in his career he did some competing, but nowadays Raul enjoys the time he has being able to train new drivers or team members who may need some refreshing on driving doubles. Raul says he’s trained over 60 men and enjoys passing on his skill to newer generations of drivers.

An Attitude of Gratitude Makes the Difference

The only thing Raul has been committed to longer than trucking is being a devoted partner to the love of his life for forty-seven years. Looking back over the decades he’s devoted to trucking, the unwavering support from his wife sticks out more than anything:

“Most of my driving career has been away from home, and I’m very grateful that my wife has supported me and stood by me—every time I came home she was always there. Some people forget that, but she has had a lot of lonely nights.”

As a linehaul driver, Raul is home at least once a week. He has known his fair share of nights away and miles on the road, but he focuses on what’s important each leg of the trip, and it shows.

He’s successfully claimed the 2 Million Mile Safety Award for his consistent safety and hard work each and every year he’s driven with the Reddaway team.

So how has Raul stayed so safe all these years? He’ll tell you it’s all about paying attention to the road and anticipating what the other drivers might do. To make sure he stays alert for the long haul, he always takes the time to enjoy his lunch, and he makes a habit of rolling down the windows to breathe in the fresh air. He enjoys looking at the natural beauty he sees out the windshield. From the rocky mountain terrain to the desert, he finds beauty in all of it.

We’re thankful Raul decided to come join us on the Reddaway team back in 1992, and we congratulate him on his most recent accomplishment!

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