Milton Stirm

Name: Milton Stirm

Job Title: Linehaul Driver

Terminal: Boise, ID

With Reddaway Since: 1990

Favorite Hobby: Restoring classic cars

Awards: 2 Million Mile Safety Award


TITLE: Linehaul Driver



FAVORITE HOBBY: Restoring classic cars

AWARDS: 2 Million Mile Safety Award

More about Milton...

Little Heart, Big Driving Dreams

Since 1990, Milton Stirm has been a dedicated driver with an impeccable safety record here at Reddaway. However, his heart has been with big rigs for much longer.

When Milton was in first grade, he was given a booklet to fill out from his teacher. In it he had to fill in answers to questions about his life at home and what he’d like to be when he grew up. In his adorably mistaken grammar, little Milton wrote that he wanted to be a driver when he “growed up”. And that he did.

Reddaway Linehaul Driver Milton Stirm

In fact, as soon as Milton could, he started driving. His first job behind the wheel was hauling hay, and haulin’ it on time.

When Milton got a little older he drove for Greyhound, but when fall rolled around he couldn’t rely on that employment. Once the kids were back in school, the younger drivers without seniority were furloughed, and sadly that included Milton.

Reddaway Linehaul Driver Milton Stirm

That didn’t stop Milton from continuing to do what he loved. He found regular employment and a good way to make a living hauling spuds across the Idaho countryside. Around that time, Milton knew it was time to get some formal training at NACA so he could drive bigger trucks and work his way up from a relief driver and onto bigger and better things.

Driver by Trade, Mechanic and Builder for Fun

Reddaway Linehaul Driver Milton Stirm

Since 1990, Milton has dedicated his professional driving career to Reddaway, and we couldn’t be happier. Nowadays you can’t stop Milton. He explains that he averages more miles than most, at around 100,000 miles a year and doesn’t miss a day unless he’s got a very good excuse—last year it was open heart surgery that caused him to miss a little longer than he wanted, but he’s recovered and back on the open road.

As someone who has grown up on the road, it may be easy to take things for granted, but not Milton. He still appreciates the beautiful countryside. His favorite part of the job? “Not having a boss riding along on your shoulders,” he says with a laugh.

Reddaway Linehaul Driver Milton Stirm

When he’s not working at Reddaway, he’s working in his garage restoring classic cars, or he’s building a getaway cabin to enjoy on his beautiful acreage situated in the Idaho countryside with his wife of 48 years. Debbie, who worked as a florist for 43 years, and Milton raised 2 kids together and now enjoy being grandparents.

There aren’t many people left in the world that have the work ethic that Milton does, and we appreciate every year he’s spent here at Reddaway. We all wish him many more safe and happy years to come. Congratulations on your 2 Million Mile Safety Award, Milton!

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