Michael Baldwin

Name: Michael Baldwin

Job Title: Linehaul Driver

Terminal: Denver, CO

With Reddaway Since: 1992

Favorite Hobby: Yard Work, Watching Movies

Awards: 2 Million Mile Safety Award


TITLE: Linehaul Driver



FAVORITE HOBBY: Yard Work, Watching Movies

AWARDS: 2 Million Mile Safety Award

More about Michael...

Michael Baldwin, born and raised in Colorado, is the perfect example of a professional truck driver who was meant to be behind the wheel.

Catching the Travel Bug

Reddaway linehaul driver Michael Baldwin

Michael got a taste for driving at an early age when his dad would take him on ride alongs in his tanker. As a kid, this was a unique experience that was thrilling for Michael. After all, it wasn’t like the other kids were getting to ride in huge trucks with their dads!

Michael didn’t always know he wanted to be a truck driver, however. He spent his early years working in a warehouse driving a forklift. Truckers would come and go, loading and unloading freight, and Michael would often strike up conversations with them. After talking to all those drivers and hearing about their days on the road, he realized that there was no reason why he should be confined to a warehouse, and there was nothing stopping him from getting his Class A commercial driving license either!

You Can’t Beat the Scenery

Reddaway linehaul truck driver Michael Baldwin

Some people just aren’t the type to stay put in one place, and Michael is one of those people. Being out on the road gives him independence while also giving him the special chance to see the country.

Michael is able to see the most beautiful parts of the country from behind the wheel. “You can’t beat the scenery,” he says. From the Rocky Mountains to the breathtaking canyons, there is so much of our country to take in, and Michael appreciates that he gets to take it all in as part of his career.

Stay On Your Toes

Reddaway linehaul driver Michael Baldwin with his truck

Michael credits his Two Million Mile Safety Award to three things: God, skilled driving, and staying on his toes. Michael is always aware of his surroundings, looking at what’s ahead, and making sure that he’s rested and able to stay alert. While trucks are a lot bigger than SUVs and cars, the basic principles of driving remain the same.

As far as family, Michael has a great one. He has raised two children and is now watching them raise their own. In fact, Michael has six grandchildren and just loves seeing them grow. When Michael isn’t driving his truck, he enjoys spending time at home with his wife, doing yard work, and making home improvements. He really takes pride in keeping his home looking good, both on the inside and out. When he really needs some relaxation, Michael loves to sit and watch movies in his movie room.

From everyone at Reddaway, we thank you for your dedication and hard work, Michael. We congratulate you and look forward to what’s ahead in your career.

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