Eddie Danyo

Name: Eddie Danyo

Job Title: Linehaul Driver

Terminal: Las Vegas, NV

With Reddaway Since: 2013

Favorite Hobby: Riding his motorcycle


TITLE: Linehaul Driver



FAVORITE HOBBY: Riding his motorcycle

More about Eddie...

Eddie Danyo joined the Reddaway team in 2013 and quickly made it known what a valuable team member he is. Eddie has always been service-oriented, constantly demonstrating a strong work ethic and his desire to do good.

There’s no doubt that Eddie’s strong work ethic comes from working at the family business in Lehighton, Pennsylvania when he was younger. Eddie would often tag along with his dad and share some of the plumbing, heating, and excavating work.

Eddie’s greatest act of service, however, was when he signed up to be in the Air Force after high school and served as a Civil Engineer stationed at the March Air Reserve Base in Sunnymead, California. He served as part of the 22nd Civil Engineer Squadron. Eddie now uses that knowledge and leadership to be a great trainer to new Reddaway drivers.

It Takes Time to Train the Best Line Haul Drivers

Reddaway linehaul driver Eddie Danyo

While some trainers (in any industry) may look at training as a strict step by step process that follows a book or guide to the T, Eddie has a more casual and personal approach.

Eddie believes that in order to really get through to a new driver, he must first take the time to get to know and understand the driver. Understanding the driver is key to knowing how to communicate with them and teach them, as well as making the driver feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Perhaps Eddie’s more personable approach to training is why he’s had so much success in doing so! Plus, when you take a fun approach to training, it turns a job into an enjoyable day on the road.

5 Smith Principles to Stay Safe on the Road

It can be intimidating when you first start driving a large truck, which is why Eddie takes the time to have the new driver learn the best tactics to keep himself and everyone else safe.

Eddie is a huge advocate of the Smith System, and he makes sure that his new drivers understand what it is all about. He believes that everyone on the road can benefit from learning this tried and true system.

So what is the Smith System? Here are the main ideas in a nutshell:

  • Scan the road as a whole, not just the patch of road in front of you.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Not just what, but who is around you on the road. Pay attention to the way that they are driving so you can anticipate erratic moves or distracted drivers.
  • Keep your eyes moving—check your mirrors often!
  • Leave yourself space and avoid following too closely to others.
  • Ensure that the other drivers on the road see you—don’t assume.

Save Time for Some Fun

Eddie enjoys simply being able to travel on the road and the freedom that comes with it. As a Las Vegas resident, he says that he also looks forward to being at home after his week is through. He explains that behind the “tinseltown” reputation that Las Vegas may have, it’s a wonderful place to live with so much to do beyond casinos, especially if you’re up for some outdoor adventures.

Eddie, we are glad you have chosen Reddaway as your home, and we look forward to the adventures ahead!

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